"And if you lot will just calm the fuck down we'll get started with drills."



Deanna’s been ordering people about for years before she got the position of Captain for the Arrows. As an older sister, she took her responsibility in looking out for her two younger sisters very seriously, especially when their mother left them when she was fifteen. Deanna had to grow up quickly, but with her father still around and resenting the pressure his wife’s absence put on his eldest daughter, he always pushed her to keep her own dreams in mind. It was with his support and her sisters’ cheering that she went on to pursue her career in Quidditch.

Having been Captain for three years, and the Arrows keeper for three more than that, Deanna would think she knows her team pretty well. She knows exactly what to do with Perry when he shows up hungover, how quickly to isolate Ava when her temper starts to rise, and when to draw the line on inter-team teasing. She lives an honest life, with her team and her family, and hates the guilt she feels with secrets. However, one secret she can’t afford to share is her own insecurity as Captain. With every increase in bickering, every fight that simply deflates instead of being resolved, every goal that gets past her on the pitch, she worries that she’s letting them down. She’d be loathed to voice these ideas, as she’d hate to burden her team with that kind of thinking. A strong team needs a strong leader, and Deanna will do everything in her power to be that for them. 


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