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With work and the holidays right now I’m just giving a heads up that I’ll be away for a couple of days. Once I get back I’ll try to get into the swing of things once more.


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I’m looking for a co-admin. One with experience in making graphics would be a plus. Experience in adminning is preferable, but not necessary, although an understanding/experience with group roleplaying is. Message me for details.
Anonymous: "Do you have any plans for actual matches, or will it be purely social-life?"

I was hoping to have a mix of both. Ultimately it’s going to be influenced by the roleplayers and their interests. I’m hoping to have a range of options once bios are all out and more people are interested.

A Quidditch League Harry Potter RP


The British and Irish Quidditch League was established in 1674, and each year since then its teams have competed for the glory of the League Cup. The Montrose Magpies, being the most successful team in League history, have just won the cup for the previous year, and it’s January 1990. Training is starting again, reserves are being called up, and teams are getting back into their routines. New rivalries are being formed. Old ones are flaring back to life. Relationships are being built and broken, and the media is revving back up in all its preseason glory. While players play, their staff squabble and scramble to keep their teams together. Who’s careers will be made and destroyed this year? Who will win the cup? Some have their bets, but all’s fair in love and Quidditch.  

THROUGH THE AGES is a new roleplay based in the Harry Potter Universe that focuses on the lives of the players and staff of the British and Irish Quidditch League. It includes canon and original characters from canon teams, and its players include those with a love of character and plot development. For all who love their minor characters and their Quidditch players, for all who have been seeking something new, TTA is here for you.

Anonymous: "Any relation to the old thrutheages-rp group?"

That’s me! I decided to actually spell “through” properly this time and redo the entire blog. 

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Adminly duties

Hello all, train wifi is crap and so the bios I was hoping to work on will have to wait until I am home. I’ll be around to answer any questions or take face claim suggestions.

- admin K

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Anonymous: "I'm absolutely loving this idea! Too many HP RPs focus on Hogwarts when there's such a wealth of material to draw from. How many teams will be available ultimately?"

Aw thank you so much nonnie! It’s been in and out of the works for a long while now. At the moment I’m planning for ten teams, which is 70 players. I may not release all of the teams at once, given that’s a lot of bios to write. I was hoping to maybe incorporate managers, assistants, game officials, and various PR and media outlets/persons if there was any interest in between. Right now the focus of this RP is on the British and Irish Quidditch League, and the ten teams I’m starting off with are:

  • Appleby Arrows
  • Ballycastle Bats
  • Chudley Canons
  • Heidelberg Harriers
  • Holyhead Harpies
  • Falmouth Falcons
  • Kenmare Kestrels
  • Montrose Magpies
  • Pride of Portree
  • Puddlemere United

Within those teams I’m including canon players from both Quidditch Through the Ages and the always lovely HP Wiki, while also including original characters that I’m slowly coming up with. If people had original characters they wished to audition that would fit amongst these teams, they’re more than welcome to. 


If there are any requests for specific bios or faceclaims, send them in! I’ll be working on a couple today instead of studying for my exam.

Also for anyone who sent in an admin application, I’ll be waiting a couple of days before I make my decision. In the mean time others can feel free to send theirs in as well. I’ll be giving a twenty four hour notice to when the decision will be made. If anyone has any questions feel free to send me a message.

- admin K

"And if you lot will just calm the fuck down we'll get started with drills."



Deanna’s been ordering people about for years before she got the position of Captain for the Arrows. As an older sister, she took her responsibility in looking out for her two younger sisters very seriously, especially when their mother left them when she was fifteen. Deanna had to grow up quickly, but with her father still around and resenting the pressure his wife’s absence put on his eldest daughter, he always pushed her to keep her own dreams in mind. It was with his support and her sisters’ cheering that she went on to pursue her career in Quidditch.

Having been Captain for three years, and the Arrows keeper for three more than that, Deanna would think she knows her team pretty well. She knows exactly what to do with Perry when he shows up hungover, how quickly to isolate Ava when her temper starts to rise, and when to draw the line on inter-team teasing. She lives an honest life, with her team and her family, and hates the guilt she feels with secrets. However, one secret she can’t afford to share is her own insecurity as Captain. With every increase in bickering, every fight that simply deflates instead of being resolved, every goal that gets past her on the pitch, she worries that she’s letting them down. She’d be loathed to voice these ideas, as she’d hate to burden her team with that kind of thinking. A strong team needs a strong leader, and Deanna will do everything in her power to be that for them. 


✖ FACECLAIM: Oona Chaplin

Anonymous: "When will Deanna Abrams' bio be out?"

I was hoping to have it out sometime today, hopefully in the next few hours.

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